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The Anderson Legacy 1.0

Finally I am able to make a new Legacy! My other computer ate all my data and my computer now wouldn't download it. Now i have it downloaded onto my laptop and ready to rock!
Profanity, same sex love, possible male pregnancies, sexual references, and what not.
You've been warned.

Enjoy the Legacy!

Shall we start off with the house? I think we shall! Pretty simple I was glad with the results seeing how she wasn't too rich after buying her lot. It keeps the cool and heat out so I'm hoping princess here will like it. I'm not getting any complaints yet.
Shall I introduce my legacy starter? I think I shall.

This is our darling
Pamela Anderson:
Lifetime wants: Chief of Staff
Aspiration lvl: Free Thinker
I'm starting to wonder if I should have started out with a guy so I could keep the last name. I mean, once she gets hitched, do I change the legacy name with it or her new last name? BLAH I don't care let's just keep Anderson since that's her maiden name baby ;)
I started her off getting some cooking skillz! Do not want no fire gurl!

Pamela: This shit is easy peasy, pumpkin peasy, pumpkin pie, muthafucka!

Yeah, yeah, just wait until you start actually cooking

First person she meets is that one plant gardener chick thingy... I forgot her name and honestly Idgf what it is <3
Pamela really seemed to like her though! When she talked to her she admired her and then asked to play catch :'D All good and harmless it appears!

Pamela can't catch for shit! HAHA

Pamela: I'll get it next time!

ladygardener???: Hohoho! Toss it at me!

Right... Harmless.. WELP! That was just unexpected. I tried to make Pamela interact with the 3 others that came to greet her to the neighborhood but she refused and continued to play with ladygardener???! :/ Rude much? And then that red head girl (Honestly sometimes I really need to remember names) came around and basically feel in love with ladygardener???. I think that old lady is plotting something b/c everyone seems to love her... ||( I've got my eye on you!

Pamela: Seriously? Is this the best we can do?

No, Pamela.
This is not the best we can do but really I don't care about your feelings and I want you to choose which one you will marry and make millions of babies with!

Pamela: D: Egad! Millions?

Yes, and you will provide me with those heirs!

Okay so far so- woah. Woah. Red head what are you doing?! D':< Bitch please. No hitting on Pamela candidates.

Pamela: So... buses! What's up with those?

WTF Pamela. Buses? SIGH You're hopeless.

Blonde guy???(Yes major lack of name remembering): Do you like make-up? I put it on every morning to make myself feel pretty!~

Pamela: .... I'm not really... Into make-up. (worried look b/c he is a guy wearing make-up)

Nothing wrong with a little make-up darling!

Pamela: :I

Pamela: So... kissing! What's up with that?

*FACE PALM* Pamela Anderson, wtf? GREAT topic for a first time chat!

Gilbert: 8D Exactly

o__o okay then, we have a winner yes?! Let the seducing commence!

Pamela: *That awkward moment when catching butterflies and a stranger walks by*... 'Sup?

Stranger???: ........ o-o *Just walks away*

I'm not sure who that was... But she didn't look very pleased and then they asked if she wanted to hang. OHPFFTNO Pamela is to busy living a boring life of solitude until she marries and make babies with Gilbert!

BEAUTIFUL SEDUCTION TI- Oh for the love of Christ what kind of face is that?! IMA DIE FROM THAT CUTENESS At least he was memorized by it. He's a keeper Pamela. A keeper for sure.

Pamela: So what turns you on? *Wiggles eyebrows*

Gilbert: Glasses :'D

Pamela: :'DD

Oh God they are perfect for each other so far! <3

Wow it sure has been a tough week so far! Let's hope it'll be a good one!

Pamela: Yeah, agreed, but for now I just want to go to bed -.-

Sure thing, sure thing sweet sheeks ;D

Pamela: o-o...


Pamla: Creep.. DX


Pamela: Q__Q Whatever




Pamela: FUUUUU-

Your punishment for failure is eating that crap until you get better >:I

Pamela: *sob* ;__;

And our dear Pamela works hard to improve her skills so she may please her future husband with home cooked meals!

Pamela: Ouch! I cut myself D;

Suck it up :I

Pamela stop this wrecked dancing at once. Do you hear me?!
Stop it.
You will shame your nonborn children with those moves.Actually she dances quite nicely she's just being silly here :P


Pamela: Er Reow! eheheheh

Gilbert: OH! Ohohohoho!

*both wiggle eyebrows at eachother*

Yesss my plan is working

Both: Smoochie smoochie


Look at her pretty blue dress. She was promoted twice in her political based job ;D buuut then I soon quit that job because she wants to be a nurse(which she is now).

Here we have Pamela proposing to Gilbert and him accepting. HOWEVER, he didn't seem to enjoy it as much and Pamela did. XD
Poor thing! He will learn to love you! Whether I force him to or not <3

After all that she sang to him. And let me tell you, she has got some pipes! She sings pretty good, I hope that's passed down to their kids <3

Riiight after that I had him moved in. Little did I know he still lived with his mom :/ I mean, I just can't LEAVE her there, you know? I'm a cruel Sim God but im not THAT cruel. So I added an extra room from the 7,000 he brought in with a few more addatives to make the place more homey <3

Denise seems rather happy about this as well!

They are so cute! Mother and Son. D'aawww! And Pamela just snoozin' away to her hearts content!
The snow hit pretty fast and the forecast said chilly but that's all. LIARS I WILL SMITE YOU ALL!!

Pamela you narcassist :/ You dream about yourself a lot! I hope it's a nightmare >D BWAHAHAAH

D'aww they look so cute snuggled up together <3

Pamela: Called in sick and they bought it! Victory hug!

Gilbert: WOAH! ... Mmm -u-

You devious little bitch <3 ily Pamela.

AHAHAHAAH OOPS! No wonder she wasn't sleeping! XD I had forgotten to add a roof over her room! All fixed now though!

Normal thing is normal as Pamela is talking to herself about no polution and her hubby is just chillin' in the tub.

<3 D'aaww Gilbert you're such a darling building a snowman!

Oh lalala~ Getting frisky over here are we? ;) Go make some fucking babies you two

His looks were bugging me so I gave them an update... Oh and I might as well put these here while I'm at it before I forget!
Gilbert Jacquet:
Lifetime want: Become Hall of Fame
Aspiration lvl: Hopeless Romantic

Denise Jacquet:
Lifetime want: .......Criminal Mastermind...... What is this fuckery?! o_o
Aspiration lvl: Spent Sendthrifts.

Denise will never get to gold... XD Ohgosh

I betrayed Gilbert and his fear of marrying her >) eheheh.

Their first Woohoo right after marrage <3 I've been saving up for this special moment
D'aawww You guys why are you so cuuuteeee?! <3 flkhsdjfgbdsghf

And after all this one makes ham sandwiches and the other makes grilled cheese :I My word people!
round of applause people,

ohgod i hear the ice cream man outside i want some ice cream now ohmnohmanohman D;

THREE DAYS LATE ON THE CONGRATS GRANNY! Meh at least she will be useful as a nanny while the young-ins are working <3 main reason i had her move in

Pamela: YES. LATE D:< GOSH

Spending quality time as mother and daughter-in-laws. They are so adorable :DD
Except for some reason the two love birds don't like her being around :I .... OH WELL <3

Gilbert: Woah... Did you just get fatter? o-o *staarreeess*

Pamela: D; Horrible! I'm pregnant with your kid! From your semen!

Gilbert: Oh... Right, yeah that. Shet.

Honestly these two are loving parents and I can't wait to see their kids<3 Really I can't!  Ohgosh I just wanna pinch Pamela's cheeks she's so cuute! <3 I hope they inherit her good looks~!

That concludes the first round of Sims2Legacy with Pamela Anderson and Gilbert Jacquet! Tune in next time for The Anderson Legacy 1.1!


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